Cazz and Minnie present: An Antidote for the Struggling Artist  

We are so glad Raina came to us in her time of need. To be honest, we're not sure what she'd have done without our great advice. In this visual/audio journey we explore the ways in which Raina can combat her lack of inspiration by adding more pressure to herself and taking longer train journeys.  

Cazz and Minnie present: Hope? Found it babe x

In this video the Self-Welp team and Estelle put their minds to finding... Hope! Inspirational quotes from the internet can help you maintain a sense of hope as well as just generally lowering your expectations of life. 

Cazz and Minnie present: Live your Corporate Fantasy 

In this deep dive Susan comes to us all the way from AUSTRALIA! Thank goodness for the internet or else this one to one would have needed a GoFundMe. In this video, Susan comes to us with a simple dilemma... "How do I look put together whilst dying inside?". Oh my, have we got the answer? (yes, we are professionals).